Bakery Café Chain Realizes $350,000 in Annual Savings and Optimizes Tech Systems

Bakery Café Chain


Falling behind in technology and with a finance team struggling to keep up with growth, this growing fast casual bakery chain hired FTR to conduct a full assessment of its back-office operations.


The chain subsequently engaged FTR to manage most accounting, finance, and technology duties, including embedding an FTR controller and senior accountant in the company’s offices, reporting to the client’s CFO.  FTR also helped the company implement new software to provide cleaner financials and more timely reporting.


FTR helped the company realize over $350,000 in annual savings. During the last two years of ongoing support, FTR has also helped the company transition to a better POS system, automate numerous processes, deploy cloud-based reporting systems, and improve accounting efficiencies and reporting for better decision making.

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