Multi-Brand Franchisor Completes Successful IT Projects Faster

Multi-Brand Franchisor


A large multi-brand franchising company sought a consolidated solution for its growing portfolio of fast casual restaurant brands. It tasked FTR with managing accounting for the company with staff accountants and a controller. After three years of successfully managing the client’s accounting functions, the company, frustrated by the lack of progress with rolling out a new menu and newly acquired brands, also engaged FTR to take over its IT functions.


FTR’s tech team worked closely with the accounting team to conduct a full assessment of the company’s tech stack across various brands and assimilated some existing IT members from the clients’ brands to ensure a smooth transition. FTR has since implemented corporate and brand-level solutions to both improve efficiencies and build a platform for new sales opportunities.


In three months, the FTR IT team achieved what previous resources had been unable to for the last 18 months: get a needed menu rollout implemented across the company’s largest chain. The team continues to implement numerous IT projects across the fast-growing restaurant group and manage all functions from help desk to corporate technology support.

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