Financial & Accounting Services

At FTR, we offer a full range of customizable accounting and financial services to help you maximize best practices and the latest technologies. Our goal is to help you capture and report critical data for decision-making – all while simplifying life for your managers.

Many clients leverage our team’s deep restaurant expertise to manage their full-cycle accounting, while others use our services on a project basis or for suggestions on streamlining processes.

With a dedicated FTR controller and accounting team reporting to your CFO or CEO, you will acquire maximum efficiencies without disrupting normal business operations.

General Accounting
& Bookkeeping

We handle full-cycle accounting, including AP, AR, payroll, cash management, bank and vendor reconciliations, monthly tax filings, financial reporting, and all other day-to-day accounting tasks. Our team fully integrates with your business and supports your operators as needed.

Clean Up

If your books are messy, behind schedule, or inefficient, we can help. Cleaning up your books is a part of our onboarding process. In addition to current upkeep, we look back in time to make sure that you have accurate numbers from before our partnership.


From weekly flash reports to month-end financial statements, we can prepare the reports you need for any business stakeholder. Based on the frequency that works best for your operations, we can provide your unit-level operators with daily or weekly report cards that include labor, COGs, sales, and other financial results.


We can prepare your company’s payroll across locations for you based on your scheduled in-house pay dates and processes. We work directly with your managers to approve employee hours and rates to ensure accuracy at all times.

Financial Planning
& Analysis

Our financial analysts can help you build forecasts and budgets that give your executive teams the data needed to confidently make important business decisions.

Due Diligence &
Investment Services

Looking to bring on private equity to grow your business or interested in selling? We will help curate your books into an investment format, project future growth, and clean up your EBITDA to supercharge your outcome.

Software Implementation
& Database Management

As your business continues to grow, we help you select and seamlessly implement the right tools into your operations. Whether you’ve implemented new software or are using existing systems, we will ensure it’s always up to date and that your staff is well-trained in using it.

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